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Pension schemes not ready for auto-enrolment, says Aon

Three in five defined contribution pension schemes are currently not prepared for the introduction of auto-enrolment, according to a survey from global professional services firm A...  Read more
30 Sep 20 02:30 ©

Covid-19 intensifies spotlight on this annual drama

Theatre may have been in short supply in recent weeks, but all around the country the same drama was playing out in county towns and council chambers.  Read more
30 Sep 20 02:30 ©

Homeowners get no respite as most councils maintain property tax levels

Struggling home-owners will get no respite from the property tax after the majority of councils voted to maintain or increase existing rates.  Read more
30 Sep 20 02:30 ©

Consumers fretting over economic prospects, KBC survey shows

Consumers are scared about the economic prospects for the coming months, a development that has prompted calls for the Government to avoid hitting household incomes in the Budget.  Read more
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Irish Business & Finance

Revenue declines at Open Orphan

Open Orphan has reported a fall in revenue for the six months to June 30.   Read more
30 Sep 20 07:58 ©

CRH's finance director to retire

Senan Murphy, the group finance director at Ireland's biggest company, CRH, is to retire from his role next year.  Read more
30 Sep 20 07:36 ©

Providence Resources says it is funded till July 2021 as losses continue

Irish oil and gas explorer Providence Resources says it has enough funding to get it to July next year, as losses at the company increased.   Read more
30 Sep 20 07:26 ©

Multinationals ease economic damage from Covid but domestic fall to hit 6.5pc as Brexit looms

The hit to the overall economy from the Covid-19 pandemic will not be as bad as previously estimated - but those effects combined with a disorderly Brexit will have a significant i...  Read more
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