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Discounts, grants and smart savings: 11 ways to cut costs in September

Back-to-school is a financially challenging time in a normal year. In 2020, with the additional burden of Covid-19, it's going to be even more expensive.   Read more
08 Aug 20 02:30 ©

'On the money: I make sure costs are spread over the full year'

When it comes to school costs there are two distinct phases: 'September back to school' and then the 'rest of the year'.   Read more
08 Aug 20 02:30 ©

Your Questions: Will our Irish health insurance cover us when living in Spain?

Q: We are a retired couple who are considering moving to Spain. However, we still plan to spend one to two months each year in Ireland. Will our health insurance policy still be su...  Read more
08 Aug 20 02:30 ©

Your Money: The best travel advice is 'stay at home'

And still the questions keep coming. The ongoing confusion over travel, holidays, airlines and insurance continue unabated.   Read more
08 Aug 20 02:30 ©

Irish Business & Finance

Hibernia Reit begins another share buyback programme

Hibernia A Reit has started a new buyback programme for up to ?25m of its stock.  Read more
08 Aug 20 02:30 ©

Woman denied tracker paid ?40k after decade-long fight with bank

A woman who was denied tracker rates on her existing home loan for a decade has received ?40,000 in compensation as part of a trove of newly published rulings from the financial se...  Read more
08 Aug 20 02:30 ©

Facebook backs new Tipperary wind farm for its energy needs

Facebook will help develop a new wind farm in Co Tipperary to power its expanding data centre campus in Clonee, Co Meath, and its European headquarters in Dublin.  Read more
08 Aug 20 02:30 ©

Nautilus seeks ?40m funding for Limerick data centre

The Irish arm of US-based data centre firm Nautilus Data Technologies has applied for ?40m in funding from the European Investment Bank to construct a flagship floating facility in...  Read more
08 Aug 20 02:30 ©