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The links below provide a wide range of information and guides for businesses and individuals. It is hoped these will provide further clarity on a range of issues.

Personal Taxation

The links below provide a information for individuals and PAYE Tax Payers.

General Information

Tax Relief

There are a wide range of reliefs to which an individual is entitled, such as rent relief, medical expenses. More information can be found on

These links provide a guideline to some of the reliefs available, however a full review of an individuals circumstances is required to obtain maximum benefit.

Health Expenses


Corporate Taxation

Tax is one of the key obligations for any business . These links provide information for business owners

General Information

Employee Related Tax


  • About VAT: Section on with detailed information, rates, forms & leaflets

Capital & Corporation Taxes provides information, forms and leaflets on their website:

Revenue Online Service (ROS)

ROS is Revenue’s secure interactive internet-based facility that allows businesses to perform many services online, such as file returns and make payments, calculate their tax and claim repayments.

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